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Design & Architecture

Parametric design

Parametric design is an emerging concept of design process in which the parameters are interconnected as a system. One parameter's change affects the whole network and causes global influence. Parametric design creates systematic, adaptive variation, continuous differentiation, and dynamic figuration from the scale of urbanism to the scale of architecture, interior and furniture.

Streamlined power building
unique landmark

One of the design concepts of the project is to create an internal world reflecting the theme of the Chinese courtyard. At the same time, the project is very much a design of the 21st century – no longer working with rigid blocks and the spaces between these blocks; but working with soft and malleable volumes which coalesce, fuse, pull apart and connect with multiple stretched bridges in order to create a world of synchronized adaptation and fluid movement within.

Interpretation of nature

The other concept of the design is inspired by the ancient Chinese terraced rice field. Derived from nature, parametric design is the synthesis of contemporary digital technology and the natural landscape. The multiple flowing plateaus act as a rice field in the mountains, connecting the various volumes, and forming an urban landscape.

360 degree full view

The architectural approach for this project is to create an ensemble of individual volumes that blend together to create a more monumental whole. The separate volumes have their own atrium and cores, but merge together at various levels, providing shaded outdoor plateaus and internal spaces with dramatic views.

The shifting and moving plateaus shift multiple levels into each other's view forming a deep sense of envelopment and immersion within an environment of stimulation. The architecture unfolds below, above, and into layers in all directions with a logic of continuity and multi-level
curvi-linearity. It is a 360-degree architectural world which has no corners, no disrupted transitions, but in which everything evolves — very much inspired by nature.

The project is comprised of deep vistas that are formulated by hundreds of meter of interests in all directions. The strategy here is to create a space of easy flow and easy orientation. One discovers an interplay of light and shadow and of closed and open space while moving within the volumes.

Truly sustainable architecture

Since its inception, the project has been designed and planned using a series of green building strategies in pursuit of LEED certification. Bicycle storage, changing rooms, as well as preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles are provided to encourage residents to choose green commuting. A cooled roof reduces the heat island effect to minimize impact on the microclimate and residents. Gray water and water efficient fixtures reduce at least 20% potable water consumption. Highly efficient lighting fixtures, chillers, and double silver low-E glass achieve 14% energy saving off the building’s annual energy cost. Green refrigerant minimizes ozone depletion and global warming. The installation of metering equipment to measure office air-conditioning energy use increases energy use efficiency and reduces energy waste As of yet the above strategies have been approved by USGBC pre-certification. The project is expected to achieve LEED CS 2.0 Silver certification.


Vivacious humanistic landscape design, the perfect combination of work
and leisure

Blurring the lines between form and function, interior and exterior, beauty and curiosity, the Galaxy SOHO landscape invites the visitor to experience a series of dramatic views that are ‘out of this world’. The canyon nestled between the sweeping curves of the buildings overhead, crisscrossed with graceful bridges, serves as the central open air space for shopping, cafes and entertainment for all ages.

The plants around the perimeter of Galaxy SOHO are a juxtaposition of waving ornamental grasses alongside sharply defined arching geometries flowing freely between the parametric curves of the structure and the natural contours of the landscape. The vivaciously lively theme is carried forward into the evening with specialized lighting effects to enhance the mood and the experience.


Zaha Hadid

SOHO China is honored to entrust the leading design firm, Pritzker Prize winning Zaha Hadid Architects, to lend their design concept to this development. The Laureate Pritzker Prize has been considered the "Nobel Prize" of architecture. Zaha Hadid was the first female recipient of this prize since its establishment 26 years before. Full of imagination and surrealism, this unique design concept makes Galaxy SOHO a new architectural landmark in Beijing on par with the Bird's Nest National Stadium and the CCTV Tower. Zaha’s master pieces in China include: Guangzhou Opera House, Galaxy SOHO and SOHO Peaks in Beijing, Sky SOHO in Shanghai.

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